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Any chance you will ever scan this and your other documents for people to read. I think that would be appreciated.

David Meerman Scott

anon - I'm not going to have the time in the near future to do so. But it is a good idea.

Edwin Cash

Have you reconsidered scanning the portions of the Apollo Operations Handbook for LM7 in your possession so that others might access them?

David Meerman Scott


It's all about time. I have so little to do this sort of thing. Yes, I would like to and one day I will. But I'm not sure when.


Edwin Cash

Fair enough David. The only known source code copies are for Luminary 1A (Apollo 11) and Luminary 1C (Apollo 13) - the rest are lost to history or in somebody's drawer. Your original AOH for Aquarius LM7 should dovetail with Luminary 1C perfectly and is the only existing copy known to me. If ever you do reconsider please give me a line.

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