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Sara Howard

Hi, David...Your blog/website is so interesting. But you are missing another part of the Apollo story. There is a small group of women who were the first in history to be hired as aerospace engineers on Apollo. Our stories are exceptional. We all had math degrees and worked at Michoud, Huntsville and the Cape. There are more of us to be found. Less than 30 worked for NASA. We worked for the contractors. I am speaking out--went to the Naval Academy. The astronauts have no idea that our efforts went a long way to keeping them safe. This is not the end of this story.

Sara Howard

Here I am again. I just published my first book. It is for sale on Amazon.com and Abebooks.com & more.
It is "The Biggest Explosions in the Universe" by Sara Howard and is about the birth and death of stars. It is written for young adults/teens.It has fun facts and gorgeous pictures. Thanks.

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