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wow ! ( this is my apollo tribute fan site ! your collection is outstanding !

Jim Laymon

Just wanted to say that I very much appreciate your blog/collection. I too remember the excitement of those years when I was in grade school. The astronauts were on the cover of our "Weekly Reader" newspaper and I had a model of the Saturn V that I sloppily built. It was a thrilling time when most little boys wanted to grow up to be astronauts.

And now I find myself reading all the books I can find about that great adventure. Thank you for your terrific contribution.

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Jim. I enjoy sharing my collection with others. Glad that you find it interesting.

Ashley B

Hello, According to my mother... My grandfather invented this item "The photo below (NASA S69-45002, 26 July 1969) shows a close-up view of the lunar rocks contained in the first Apollo 11 sample return container.".... How can I find out more about who made this container?

David Meerman Scott

Ashley - I do not know what you are referring to.

Tim Conner

Great display of Space stuff ...I am interested in knowing what Bob Fish comments were to you ...I know him personally and he is a great guy !
I really like your collection and are envious of it! I wish could actually see each item up close...I have met several "space men" also and are hoping that we pursue a more aggressive space program sooner rather than later in the USA

Steve DiChiara

Great collection! Where can I find a moon rock container?

David Meerman Scott

Steve - I may have an extra one. Please email me.

Oleg Osborn

Great collection!

Does anyone know what type of pressure seal (gray elastomeric silicone compound) is used in the LM hatches ?

Does anyone know a place of pressure seal in the LM square hatch ?

David Meerman Scott

Thank you Oleg. Sorry, I do not know.

Mark Hancock

It has been fun finding your site.
My dad retired from the AF in 1969 (when I was 12yo) to come to NASA JSC for the Apollo program. He was NASA direct and stayed there all through Apollo and into the Shuttle. We have lots of memories and items from that time. My dad passed a few years ago and mom is finally weening herself of a few items. The biggest ones are a full set of 3D lunar surface models for all the Apollo landing sites. I think they are going up for Auction in March.

George Marney

Hello I was metal detecting on Grand Bahamas beach and found an item which after some research think it could be a piece of heat sheild from one the Appollo rockets.Its thin metal/foil honey combed sections unburnt size 5"L x 3"W x 3"D. I have some pictures I can send you.

David Meerman Scott

George, you can send to me but I cannot promise that I'll know anything. david (at) freshspot (dot) com

Robert Blake

Hi, I have an Apollo 11 press badge in my name with me as a GALAXY magazine press photographer for Richard C. Meredith representing them and me accompanying him to take photographs.

Now that I am in the ssenior age category and finding homes for such items---I tried to get the astronomt club I started in Pensacola in 1959----the Escambia Amateur Astronomers Association---to accept it---but,they had no interest.

I'll probably end up selling it off.

Any suugestions?

R Blake

David Meerman Scott

Robert - You can try eBay. But I would prefer you pass on to relatives!

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