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Gordon R. Vaughan

Hi Dave,

I just ran across this blog via Web Ink Now. So I wonder ... do you have Apollo stuff all over your house? Someone once called that decorating style "early astronaut"!

I worked two summers during college for JSC's Propulsion & Power Div., and there was an RL-10 engine standing right by the elevators when you got off.

It was maybe 7 feet tall, so about the perfect size for a good display. I'd love to have one of those, though I'm not sure where I'd put it.

You wrote in your "about" post that you've been reading lots of Apollo books. I'm amazed how many there are, on just about everything if you look hard enough.

Since you just wrote about the best/worst biz books on your other blog, it would be interesting to know what you thought were the best Apollo books.

While I know prices for U.S. space artifacts have really risen in recent years, I was wondering if Soviet stuff is still fairly available (that won't be in a few more years), or do Russia/Ukraine/Kazakhstan have laws limiting that?

Also, I thought you might find my blog AeroGo [http://www.xanga.com/AeroGo ] interesting. There's not too much about Apollo, but a fair amount about commercial space, etc.


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