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Glen England

This is AWESOME stuff. I was born in 1967, so I missed ALL of the Apollo program, which means that I missed the ones before that too. While I highly regret that, it seems that there is much historical information available for me to read and learn about those missions that was not available to the general public in the days of Apollo. Even for much of my adult life, this information has not been available. Then comes the internet. Now, all of this great information is available for me to read. While I would have rather seen it firsthand, and then read about it, I am very happy that I can at least read about it now. Much of the generation after me probably does not even care about Apollo, Gemini or Mercury. I and a friend of mine are AVID fans and share everything we find about space. I am in Orlando as I type this awaiting the 2nd launch attempt of STS-127. Thanks for this awesome information source, and all the links that come with it.

Dick Dunne

I had the great privilege of editing and publishing the Apollo Lunar Module News Reference book. Apprx 2000 of these manuals were distributed in two formats ....the blue loose leaf version and a hard bound version.Three updates were issued to registered recipients of the manuals

David Meerman Scott

Dick, these manuals are amazing. You certainly did great work!! Thank you for taking the time to comment.

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