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Jason Rubin

Beautiful piece David. Enjoy it.


Sir I have a checklist page from the same Apollo 17 lunar surface checklist. Mine has notations on it which correspond to communication between the crew and Houston as verified from the voice transcriptions. I will be going to spacefest to show it to Cernan to see if he can tell me if any of it is his handwriting. Have you any info about the notations on your page as to whose writing it is? Thanks for your response.

David Meerman Scott

Hi Pat.

I'm told the writing in mine is in Jack's handwriting. But you should definitely ask Gene!

Enjoy your piece.



David, FYI I did show it to Cernan and he found it very interesting. He said the writing was not his so it had to be Schmitt's. He also notated that this was written on the moon by Schmitt on a picture of the page I had him look at.

David Meerman Scott

Pat, that's awesome. Thanks for letting me know.

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